20 Reasons for Changing Web Hosting Companies

Here is a list of 20 of some of the top reasons why you might choose to move your website or business application to a new web host. Of course this doesn’t cover every possible reason and some of them are very closely intertwined (namely the performance based reasons) but I think it covers most of the bases. If you have any other reasons you’d like to contribute feel free to submit them in the comment section.

  1. Your company has outgrown your existing web hosting provider and additional storage and bandwidth is needed to support traffic levels on your site without paying costly overage charges.
  2. You need access to advanced scripting languages such as PHP, ASP or PERL for a new project, which is not included in your existing web hosting package.
  3. You are unhappy with consistently long waiting times to speak with a live customer service rep or your Host’s email support ticket response times are longer than 48 hours.
  4. Your website is regularly going down and is slow to load causing customers and potential prospects to leave your site in frustration.
  5. Access to additional MySQL databases were needed for a new project and the add- on fees were excessive with your current host.
  6. The hosting company you selected went out of business, forcing you to move to a new web host on short notice.
  7. You initially selected a low cost web hosting provider and discover that as you grow they can no longer meet your requirements and you need to move to a full featured web host that offers more reliable support, higher quality service, and increased web site performance.
  8. You are looking for a web hosting company that specializes in support for a particular web application that you are looking to work with.
  9. You need a web hosting company with experience supporting or customizing open source software.
  10. Your company was hosting their website on an in-house server which was brought down by hackers because it didn’t have updated patches installed.
  11. The company’s in-house server has gotten old and no longer performs to your specifications.
  12. The server administrator at your company quit and you are looking for alternatives to hiring a new in house IT professional.
  13. Your website is sharing a server with malicious or resource intensive sites, scripts or bots that significantly effect the performance of your website.
  14. You need better support for an Ecommerce site and are looking for a bundled Ecommerce package.
  15. Your Web Hosting Company doesn’t offer the option of a Dedicated IP address for your hosting account.
  16. You find a web host that has a more secure and easier to manage control panel than your current hosting provider offers.
  17. You are looking for an advanced web analytics solution bundled into your hosting account, instead of purchasing and installing software separately.
  18. Your new website is designed in ASP and your web hosting provider only offers Linux hosting.
  19. A web site design firm offers you a discount on site design if you choose to host your site on their servers or through a company they resell for.
  20. The demands of your web site or business application have greatly increased and a shared hosting environment no longer can provide adequate performance, creating the need to move to a dedicated server.

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